1. Odd Future 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Lookbook

    They might all be doing different things – releasing music with Diplo, posing for trippy psychedelic Australian brands, etc. – but the Odd Future squad can always come back for a good time with its family. Such is the sentiment set by Odd Future’s clothing division in the brand’s new lookbook for Spring/Summer. Recruiting some unnervingly beautiful babes to star alongside Mike G, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, and others, Odd Future showcases its range of colorful, pattern-driven pieces. The playful motifs here include animated sailboats, sharks, tacos, and of course OF’s hallmark ‘O’ doughnut. Enjoy perusing the brand’s lookbook here, with the pieces arriving in stores next week.

  2. Stussy 2014 Spring Collection Lookbook

    Stussy comes correct for Spring 2014 with three distinct themes for the season at hand. Kicking off with the brand’s signature take on traditional sportswear, this season’s drop pays homage to the ’80s as totem pole and Hawaiian prints are coupled with an eye-catching color palette of turquoise, pink, and orange across classic button-downs, wovens, and lightweight outerwear. Next up is the “50/50″ range: an aptly-dubbed collection of pieces marked by bold checkerboard patterning and the balance of positive and negative throughout. Here, color-blocking is juxtaposed by the likes of stripes and the brand’s own “Venus” print on tees and tanks. Finally, Spring 2014 is capped off with the “International” pieces which stay true to the streetwear imprint’s signature vibe and are evocative of everything from the islands of Hawaii and exotic nature of Africa to the audacity of Italian luxury. Stussy’s Spring 2014 drop is now available at Stussy chapters and online

  3. Staple Spring 2014 “SEASONAL AFFECTIVE” Collection Video Lookbook

    “New York is that bad bitch who doesn’t give you the time of day… but you love her for it.” The Staple crew was almost at its wit’s end thanks to the near-constant barrage of terrible weather that’s hit the Big Apple over the past few months. Thankfully, the creative team at Brickhouse Projects came to the rescue, coming up with a way to do something beautiful with the ever-present snow to highlight Staple’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The resulting two-part lookbook – dubbed “SEASONAL AFFECTIVE” – symbolizes the ongoing love-hate relationship many have with New York as it’s both grimy and gorgeous, obscured and bright. Enjoy part one above and stay tuned for the second installment of the piece. Staple’s Spring 2014 release is now available via Reed Space.

  4. 10 Deep 2014 Spring Delivery “Far East” Collection Lookbook

    Dubbed “Internationally Known,” 10 Deep‘s Spring 2014 collection explores the connections between the New York-based mainstay and the diverse array of cultures that have informed the history of streetwear. While streetwear may have its roots in the Big Apple, it has undoubtedly seen its existence nurtured and refined by the Japanese throughout the past couple of decades. Thus, 10.Deep’s Spring 2014 range kicks off with the “Far East” release for the season’s first delivery. Reading like an American’s take on Japanese streetwear (itself, ironically, an evolution of American style in the first place), the release includes heavy Kanji-laden graphic applications and cherry blossom motifs, both of which are contrasted with the likes of old Western paisley handkerchief prints, workwear references and more. The result is the embodiment of hybridized culture; it’s neither Japanese nor American, but full of unmistakable references to each. The Far East release from 10.Deep’s Spring/Summer 2014 “Internationally Known” collection is now available via the brand’s web store

  5. HUF 2014 Spring Collection Video Lookbook

    HUF presents a glimpse of its 2014 Spring collection with a new lookbook previewing its first delivery. For the upcoming season, expect to see an array of new caps, sweaters, jackets, beanies, button-ups and camo pants as well as a hoodie and pair of patterned sneakers boasting a dark giraffe print. Footwear from the collection is currently available at the brand website with apparel soon to follow on February 13 at select stockists

  6. OBEY 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Lookbook

    While predominantly using its lookbook deliveries to show off the label’s latest cut and sew, here we see a number of graphic T-shirts and pattern-heavy goods for OBEY‘s 2014 spring/summer batch. The usual references to athletic designs are seen with the anoraks, coach jackets and varsity jackets, while tie-dye baseball jersey offer a more laidback look. M-65 jackets and bombers offer military inspirations, while button-ups in an array of flamboyant prints welcome the summer months with color. Rounded out by a simple yet strong headwear range — encompassing snapbacks, fisherman hats, bucket hats and 5-panels — OBEY again builds off classic pieces with compelling adaptations. Look out for the 2014 spring/summer line to hit OBEY retailers soon

  7. Black Scale 2014 Spring Collection Lookbook

    Showcasing its latest series of streetwear and accessories, Black Scale has released the lookbook for its Spring/Summer collection. Offering a full selection of T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, trousers and headwear, the collection works intricate prints on to structured silhouettes, with bold graphics built off muted color palettes accenting shirt fronts and jacket. Check out the collection here and head to Black Scale online to shop.

  8. Herschel Supply Co. Spring/Summer Collection Lookbook

    Herschel Supply Co. welcomes the warmer months ahead with a new lookbook of its Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The lineup introduces new models including the Jasper backpack, Classic Mid Volume and three new messenger bag styles. Appropriately channeling the sunny vacation getaways of the ’80s, the bags are done up with a new range of hand-drawn designs captured in fine detail through high-res digital printing. These styles include the Waldorf, Paradise, Pacific and Zebra.

  9. Herschel Supply Co. 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Video Lookbook

    Herschel Supply Co. presents its Spring/Summer 2014 collection with a new video lookbook. Taking us far away from the busy city to seaside islands, the collection embodies a carefree and relaxed sense of adventure and is designed to prepare travelers for wherever the journey takes them. And as the black and olive drab combination and faded teal show, we can expect a lot of different vacation-ready colorways. Look forward to this collection to drop soon at select retailers.

  10. HUF 2013 Holiday Collection Video Lookbook

    Having teased its holiday series in early November, here is a closer look at streetwear essential HUF‘s creative concept with the video lookbook. Shot in Detroit by Brandon Kuzma, the video pays tribute to the street art and culture that the collection derives from, while highlighting a selection of sweaters and headwear from the season’s offerings